Meet Real Chi Reporter: Garyn Richard

I am Garyn, a natural born citizen of Chicago, and I have recently joined the special group of Real Chi Youth. I quickly picked up on the fact that this program is a unique opportunity to be involved and invest more into my community. I want to tell my story of who I really am and what my life consist of to those who don’t know me and probably will never meet me. Since the media here in my city tends to paints a vivid picture of life in Chicago as an award-winning horror story, I am here to speak of my experiences not only in my own words, but persuade others around the world that there is positivity all around us. I love that Chicago is an extravagant city with millions of different people to meet and millions of things to learn from them. I am a curious person, so I like to investigate and discover the different versions of a story being told. I personally would like to tell the stories of young children, teenagers, and adults of Chicago to compare and contrast their own version of life here in my city. We all think differently and have different perspectives of life, so it is very important to me to be very open-minded to see all sides to one story– the story of Chicago.


By: Garyn Richard

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