Meet Real Chi Reporter: Evan Spralls

My name is Evan Spralls also known as E Levar. I am a media maker who likes to do stories based on what is called solutions journalism. Solutions journalism is journalism that solves problems in our society. I am a media maker who likes to capture images that speak positivity. Images that speak positivity could be a black boy bonding and playing around with a white boy because the society that I live in tend to be negative about inter-racial relationship. I love that Chicago is one big melting pot that possess many races of people, many cultures, many diverse and mixed neighborhoods. Real Chi Youth to me means a opportunity to express our deepest most inner-feelings. Real Chi Youth also means that young people from the inner-city has a voice that needs to be heard. I will like to tell stories of hope for those who feel they are hopeless. I like to tell stories that restore lost dreams or give vision. The reason being is that I have felt hopeless and without a dream or vision and it is a horrible feeling. The media coverage of Chicago not always but most of the times shows destruction in our city especially amongst our youth. Though there are destructive things that go on within our city Real Chi Youth can be a positive image of restoration.

By: Evan Spralls

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