Meet Real Chi Reporter: Terranika Davis

Hi, my name is Terranika but everyone calls me Te-te. I love to edit videos and write. It brings out my creativity and makes me feel as though I have a strong voice in addition, videos and images are a unique way of keeping memory. Im from Chicago, IL not “chi-raq”. I live in the North Lawndale community. I love the change of weather and the opportunity that is within my city. The best part of Real chi youth is that it changed the way I viewed the world and the stereotypes  based on youth in the windy city. Furthermore, I am engaged in every story, I feel as though, every story has a purpose and relates to everyone. It either has a valuable lesson or unique meaning. There is a lot of negative media footage about chicago and real chi youth can just focus on  the beauty and positive aspects of chicago and change other people views.

By Terranika, Davis

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