Story Pitch: Musician Makes Moves Through Transit Deserts

Digging into the main transportation system within Chicago, is the purpose of this project. We are getting in depth with Chicago transit via research and actual opinions from people who have no choice but to commute via CTA trains and or buses.Nearly 1.7 MILLION people ride the CTA daily. We will get down to the real problems of CTA and come up with real solutions based off of our findings. This matters because CTA is a huge part of many youths’ lives and very significant to their success, being that a lot of youth within Chicago do not have funds for or access to a car or other means of transportation such as a bike. Our subject is 21 years old and commutes from Phoenix to the West Side of Chicago. The subject is a musician who needs to make the commute to get to his rehearsals in order to make a living for himself. This story will relate to transportation deserts, “in which 1 of 10 people within the district of Cook County live in(Chicago Tribune), and CTA safety in which according to NBC Chicago, the crime rate “has not improved in recent years, despite the Chicago Transit Authority’s much-publicized installation and expansion of a $26 million network of 3,600 surveillance cameras on rail cars and platforms system-wide.” The kind of story we would like to tell is one that is eye-opening and mind boggling. 

By: Manesha Barnes, Sharonda Clark and Jaylon Jones

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