Story Pitch: Inside A Student’s Two-Hour Commute

Real Chi Youth is going into the world of the everyday CTA commuter.  We will follow student and fellow Real Chi Youth reporter, Sidney  Trotter, as she, like our other subjects, travels across Chicago in order to get to a place of opportunity. The most common and favored mode of public transportation, the train, makes about 2,250 trips daily. This may seem ideal, but the accessibility of these trains, is somewhat scarce in areas like the far south side where Totter lives. We are trying to get a first person perspective about the conditions of travel in Chicago, the accessibility, safety, and just the general conditions of  Trotter’s commute.  Trotter is coming from the Village of Hazel Crest,  around the 175th street and Kedzie Avenue. Hazel Crest is a “public transit desert,” an area with very limited public transportation. This area is primarily accessible only by Pace bus, in which Trotter’s route, the 359, runs once every hour, or by car. She has travelled from Hazel Crest to the North Lawndale area for almost a year, and has many recommendation that would improve her experience, as her experiences reflect thousands of others’ daily commutes.


By Antonio Williams, Sidney Trotter and Garyn Richard

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