It’s Been Real: Preston Robinson Signing Off

Over the summer my responsibility skills and personal time management skills grew. As a media maker at RCY, I learned the core aspects of being a true journalist. Beyond journalism I learned how global politics work and who runs them, and how to draft a perfect context paragraph. Here at RCY my biggest challenge was drafting context paragraphs.

My advice: always be the best at what you do and have love and passion for every story that you’re reporting. It is alright to be a positive risk taker and to think outside of the box. Chicago media needs to broadcast solutions that are going on and not just the violence. Chicago is a very political city, and should be more of a youth-governed city. This should be a time and place where the youth and high-powered board members join each other at a round table and debate the city policies and regulations. The story I would like to next cover would be about Break Through Urban Ministries. It is an organization that helps give men, women and children a better chance at life.


By Preston Robinson

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