Its Been Real: Jaylon Jones Signing Off

This summer has been great! I met new people and completed some nice projects with my group. I’ve grown in many ways over the summer. I took on doing voice overs, which was a role I wouldn’t have been comfortable with last summer. Through RCY I learned to work with people from different backgrounds and learned about their perspectives on many topics which was cool. My biggest challenge this summer was coming up with ideas on topics where I knew nothing about. I overcame this challenge by learning from my peers and adding whatever I felt could be helpful. A success from this summer would have to be finally doing a voice over for one of our projects! For future RCY reporters I’d say to come in with a positive attitude and be ready to voice your opinions. In the future I’d love to see stories that focus on positive aspects of Chicago and its youth in mainstream media.

By: Jaylon Jones


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