Story Pitch: Redmoon, Free Street Take Over Chicago Parks

There are more than 1,000 programs and events in our local Chicago Park Districts, according to their website. For this story Real Chi Youth will do a profile/event piece on one of the events going on called “Redmoon Theater’s Summer Art Series in the Parks.” The events take place in park district on the South and West sides. Real Chi Youth will profile one of the members of the Redmoon Theater Company that is working closely with this event.  Many youth living on the South and West sides of Chicago are not exposed to theater programs and other various art forms. This topic is relevant today considering that not many youth take advantage of the different programs in their parks. This event piece will let people know the types of programs that are going on in local parks and also let people know more about the Redmoon Theater Company. This will also shine light on these organizations that help bring art forms to parks.

By Kumari MasonSarah FordEvan Spralls and Shaiqueria Sandifer


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