Redmoon, Free Street Paint Communities With Positive Change

Chicago is currently in the spotlight for issues such as gang violence and school closings. However, there are many organizations working to improve community resources for inner-city youth. Real Chi Youth reporters interviewed Fatimah Asghar, the Director of Community Arts at Redmoon Theater, and spoke with Free Street Theater on their mission to bring performance art to public spaces. The two of these theater companies work with the Chicago Park District to transform and build the community through art and theater by providing events such as free participatory plays, poetry slams, musical performances, and workshops for youth. Asghar said,” I think everybody needs art.” Redmoon and Free Street Theater work to eliminate the need to travel to specific places in order to see art by placing art within community spaces. Many inner-city youth are not aware of the resources available to them within their own neighborhood and this is what Chicago Park Districts are continually working to change through outreach and community involvement in the activities held. Events like these, though not the entire solution to the issues youth face in Chicago, play a huge part in keeping youth off the streets and participating in positive activities that bring change.

By Evan Spralls, Kumari Mason, Sarah Ford, and Shaiqueria Sandifer

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