It’s Been Real: Evan Spralls Signing Off

76704_467742203647_4684834_nWorking for Real Chi Youth was one of the best experiences in my life. I am at a point in life where I am finding out who I am. Real Chi Youth has helped me tap into my inner strengths and talents. I grew a lot over the summer by doing this because I have never done it. Before working with Real Chi Youth I never worked with a camera and I never filmed. I love being behind the camera and even though on one project my arms got tired, I overcame my fear of taking risks. I learned that making media takes patience and focus. I can imagine that media makers are tempted at times to leave their work undone and quit. You have to be patient and focused when it comes to making media because you can be distracted easily. Something that I learned from Real Chi Youth beyond just journalism is respecting others in the game who are doing what you are doing. Real Chi Youth definitely shows love and support to other organizations. This teaches me that you should be willing to work with others ridding yourself of a competitive mentality in order to get a great purpose accomplished. A big challenge for me was overcoming the fear of how people would respond to my work, and if they would fully understand the message that I desired to portray. I often fear others’ opinions and perspective but working for Real Chi Youth helped me overcome this challenge. Overcoming what people may think while making media is a success for me because I can be free while articulating my message.

Advice that I would give to future reporters is have an open mind when doing this work and be more anxious to learn than to feel the need to get your own agenda out. I advise media covering Chicago to be real in dissecting crucial issues while being sure to uplift stories that help solve the problems in Chicago. I would like to see future reporters do more stories on unifying neighborhoods and people within Chicago.

By Evan Spralls


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