Steam Studio Trains Chicago Youth to be Entrepreneurs

The employment rate for youth in Chicago is low at 8.4 percent, according to The same source also stated, roughly 90 percent of black teens ages 16 to 19 are unemployed in the City of Chicago. Meanwhile opportunities are arising to help. Steam Studio, a design studio where youth are able to get skills and techniques help shape young entrepreneurs so that they do not fall into the group of unemployed youth.

During the week of July 21, they hosted workshops that included After School Matters’ “DIY Glam Band”, YouMedia’s “Maker Funsplosion”, and others. All of these workshops highlighted skill development and took place at the Chicago Cultural Center, which culminated to a fashion showcase, where youth, who also collaborated with Burberry, were able to display the work they produced while working with Steam Studio.

“The concept of high-fashion and this program was to really connect students across the city and New York” Brother Mike,  founder of Steam Studio, told Real Chi Youth.

By Terranika Davis, Johnny Thrower, Selena Cuevas and Malika Murry

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