Raising Awareness About Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

It is estimated that one in every 31 men has been raped in their lifetime. Real Chi Youth decided to take a look into the story of male survivors of sexual assault in Chicago. When one thinks of sexual assault survivors, men aren’t the first thing that come to mind because men are supposedly the more dominant, stronger gender. Rape Victim Advocates (RVA), a non-profit organization that helps ensure that survivors of sexual assault are treated with the respect, dignity, and justice they deserve, are trying to bring more awareness to male victims. Chiharu Iwasaki, RVA counselor, said that oftentimes when male survivors come to file a report, the police either don’t believe them or take it has a joke. This type of stigma keeps men from filing reports or seeking help. Therefore, to stop this problem, Rape Victim Advocates is teaching police officers, doctors and other community members how to handle the situation in a supportive way.

By Essence Green, Clemesha Grayer and Alexandria Johnson.

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