Black Star Project Founder Fights for Parent Empowerment

Real Chi Youth reporters interviewed Phillips Jackson, the founder of Black Start Project, and the founder of the Million Fathers March on the topic of parent involvement in Chicago.  Black Star Project is an organization that provides educational services to help pre-school through college students succeed academically. The Million Fathers March is when fathers take their children to the first day of school. In 2013 more than one million fathers took part in the event across 630 cities, according to Jackson. “We already have 700 people confirmed to participate for the upcoming school year and are getting more every day,” Jackson told Real Chi Youth. “They are calling up from all over Chicago.”

Meanwhile a June 2014 study from University of Illinois Chicago revealed that the recent Chicago Public School closings has left parents feeling excluded. “School closings disrupted family school ties and deprived educators of the resources and knowledge parents/caregivers can provide . . .many parents and caregivers we interviewed were deeply involved in schools that were closed,” according to the study The Impact of School Closings on Parent Involvement.

By Evie Lacroix, Brey’ Mong-DelaneKelsey Phillips 

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