It’s Been Real: Sidney Trotter Signing Off

Working with Real Chi Youth has been one of my favorite jobs, you learn so much about yourself and the issues that evolves around Chicago. The biggest take away that I have is working as a team. When you are so used to being in charge, working with a team can be hard. However its rewarding at the end because teamwork makes high quality work. I had some good times during these couple of month, I really enjoyed doing the story on “Natural Life”.

The work that me and my team produced was beyond amazing, we put everything into that video and it showed when we had the final look. I did have some trouble with Final Cut Pro, the editing skills that that I needed caused me to become irritated with my projects. With the help of my crew mates and bosses I would say that I have improved on that.

My advice to the summer crew is to give 100 percent to this job because it is needed to produce good work. Come to work everyday knowing that you can make a change just off of a video that you and your crew created. Real Chi Youth taught me that your voice never goes unheard.


By Sidney Trotter

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