Profile Story Pitch: Understanding the Chicagoan Struggle

The story ideas that my group and I will be focusing on are stories focusing on juvenile justice, employment and school culture. For the story on juvenile justice, we will possibly profile Joseph Jones, a senior at Harper High School in Englewood, which is has seen some of the highest incidences of gun violence in the Chicago area. He is also a member of Embarc, an organization that came out of Harper High School to keep students out of trouble.

Our second story idea is under the employment theme. We would profile Mr. Taylar, who is a teacher  at Larry’s Barber College and an entrepreneur. He went from living in his car to owning his own barbershop in Chicago.

The final story idea on school culture, we would profile Richie Heard, a student advisor at Northeastern Illinois University. Heard has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where he is now. He has decided to go to grad school, starting a fundraiser, and writing a book.

All of these stories talk about how someone overcame obstacles to get to where they want to be. These stories need to be told because they can help motivate those who might be struggling at the moment to never give up.


By Jaylon Jones, Johnny Thrower and Khadijah Robinson

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