Orgs Work to Prevent Teen Dating Abuse

Roughly 1.5 million U.S. high school students admit being involved in an abusive relationship in the last year according to, a national non-profit that works on social change with young people. Experts say teenagers need to be aware of the dangers that come with dating at such a young age.

Real Chi Youth staff wanted to see how Chicago reacts to and is working to prevent teen dating violence.

“When you get involved with someone that you think wants to be with you, and the male or female talks to you in a certain way and you allow them to by the time the abuse begins to happen the partner has down plated your self-steam. then you are stuck in a unhealthy relationship,” resident Sasha Hollinger told RCY.

Meanwhile programs like Girlfriends and Between Friends, are offering Chicago teens awareness trainings to avoid unhealthy relationships. RCY spoke with Sangeetha Ravichandran, Program Coordinator of  A Long Walk Home, which partners with Girlfriends at North Lawndale College Prep Christiana Campus, to see how the organization use different techniques to help teens find solutions when they are in a unhealthy or abusive relationship.

By Terranika Davis, Manesha Barnes,  and Shaiqueria Sandifer

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