Youth Orgs: ‘CPS Detention, Suspension Policies Are Unfair’

Detention and suspension rates amongst Chicago Public School students have been on an increase the last couple years, according to Tae Aderman, volunteer coordinator for the Lawndale Christian Legal Center. Meanwhile some of these suspended students receive little to no support at all in changing their behaviors’ in school. According to a 2011-2012 study by the Department of Education, African American boys are more likely to be suspended than any other race. In Chicago Public Schools African American males make up 88 percent of the student population.

And some non-profits are arguing CPS’ detention and suspension policies are unfair. VOYCE, Voices of Youth in Chicago Education, revealed a study in March that shows African-American students were 30 times more likely to be expelled than white students in CPS in 2012.


By: Jaylon Jones, Khadijah Robinson, and Johnny Thrower

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