Story Pitch: Do suspension lead to dropping out?

01_Fig1The story idea we have chosen is suspension and detention comparing to drop-out rates. This story needs to be told because this is a huge issue affecting the youth academic performance and schools graduation rates. This story needs to be told now because this generation of youth are our society’s future doctors and lawyers. We plan on talking to students who have recently been suspended and or had detentions about their experience. According to Chicago Public Schools, from 2010-13 the total drop-out rate percentage increased from 2.5 percent to 3.0 percent. This is important because it shows a slight increase in drop out rates throughout Chicago. Our students are dropping out more and more. In order to decrease these rates we need to speak to them and let them know how important school is to their futures. We will show this through creating a video. We are going to try and interview someone at the Lawndale Christian Legal Center

By Johny Thrower and Jaylon Jones

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