CPS Requests Expunge.io PSA

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 1.29.47 PMMikva Challenge and Chicago Public Schools have asked Real Chi Youth to do a public service announcement on the Expunge.io app. We are working with Mikva throughout the process of making this PSA. As a result of our PSA we are researching  juvenile records, unemployment rates with youth and much more, to get more substantiated facts and  statistics. Juvenile and adult records do relate to one another but there is a different between the two, such as any person tried while 18 years or younger will be tried as a juvenile. Out of the 20,000 arrests a year, there are 1,500 youth that are affected by it, according to Sharlyn Grace a VISTA Attorney Children and Families Practice Group at the Legal Assistance Foundation. If a youth does get arrested but does not have a court date or is proven guilty in the court of law, that youth still does have a record. We have worked with the Mikva youth, Mikva coordinators, and legal advisors on the story board ideas and pre-production process. We will keep researching more people who should be aware of the Expunge.io app.

By Preston Robinson,  Alexandria Johnson, and Kelsey Phillips  

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