Youth-Led App Aims to Expunge Juvenile Records

Twenty-five Chicago youth have developed a smartphone app to help court-involved juveniles expunge their records. Created by Mikva Challenge Juvenile Justice Council and the Smart Chicago Collaborative, aims to make the expungement process easier. According to Mikva Challenge, “25,000 youth were arrested in Chicago in 2012, and only 70 applied to have their records expunged.”

“Many justice advocates say juvenile records have negative impacts on future employment and school admission,” said Chris Rudd Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator, “I like how the teens came together and want to help other people get their records expunge.” is for first-time offenders. As of Jan. 7, Mikva Challenge had received phone calls from residents in California and Pennsylvania about helping expunge their records.  More than 1,000 people have visited the website, according to Rudd. Six people have moved forward and contacted a lawyer after using the app.

By: Arnelle Johnson, Kelsey Phillips, Preston Robinson, and Chelsea Barry

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