Meet Media Maker : Manesha Barnes

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When it comes to Chicago youth I want to focus on getting the youth to understand that they are bigger than their dilemmas, and focus on the positives that Chicago youth are accomplishing everyday. I want to focus on these things because there is so many negative characteristics attributed to Chicago teens and not enough positives. By participating in this program I hope to make an impact on someone if it’s even one person, i just hope to make them feel some type of change or come to some kind of realization about their lives and themselves. From videos to pictures, writing to music , I am a versatile and creative mediamaking mastermind in training. If I got an X-ray of my heart it would be in the shape of a camera. I LOVE shooting from pre planning to post production I love the entire process. I learn so much about myself and my physical and mental abilities through these projects and the process of getting these projects completed. The purpose of projects that I work on is to mainly inform and persuade by moving the viewer in a way that they can’t describe. Whether it’s a Public Service Announcement, article, sports show, or music video to me there is nothing better than watching people be moved by my work.

    By : Manesha Barnes

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