North Lawndale Warriors Spread the Peace

During the first week of December 2013 80 violent crimes were reported and 107 property crimes were committed in North Lawndale, according to The Chicago Tribune. Crimes such as narcotics and criminal damage were up to 201 reports compared to the previous year. However, the crime rates have decreased in the North Lawndale Community. Gerald Smith, a teacher at North Lawndale College Prep’s Christiana Campus, is leading a youth group known as the Peace Warriors to make those numbers further drop.

The Peace Warriors were established in North Lawndale College Prep High School in 2009, after teacher Tiffany Childress saw Kingian Nonviolence  as a solution to the violence in the community, as said in  Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). Known as the Positive Peace Warrior Network(PPWN), these young people work towards creating a positive culture by providing communities with Dr. King’s philosophy of peace, as said on Positive Peace Warrior Movement. Smith told Real Chi Youth that they wanted to expand beyond the school to the community at large. Students spoke to community members aboutthe importance of keeping peace both in and outside the school. Smith hopes parents know their children are in a safe school and are experts at keeping peace.

By Terranika Davis, Ronald Reese, Alexandria Johnson, Shaiqueria Sandifer and Carolina Gallo

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