Story Pitch: Doc Captures Juvenile to Adult Prison Pipeline

A new documentary film by School of the Art Institute Professor Tirtza Even takes an intimate look at the prison pipeline. Set for release in 2013, the documentary,”Natural Life”, “challenges inequities in the juvenile justice system by depicting the stories of six individuals sentenced to die in prison since youth,” according to the film’s Kickstarter page. As of 2006, “4303 juveniles were transferred into adult court” according to the  The Policy Institute for Impact Seminars. These adults are serving time for crimes when they were teenagers. Even followed the stories of six adults who were serving life without parole. Young people who are transferred to adult prisons are roughly 34 percent more likely to be arrested again for a felony than peers who were retained in the juvenile system, according to The Centers for Disease Control.
These adults Even documents will spend a jail time of life without parole.
We are going to profile Even and potentially interview one of her subjects from the film.

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