Story Pitch: NLCP Aims to Peace Train Community

north_lawndale_college_prepAccording to the Chicago Tribune, violent crimes in the North Lawndale community have decreased by 10 percent from 2012 to 2013. Additionally, quality of life crimes like prostitution, narcotics, and criminal damage have dropped by 20 percent. In the heart of the neighborhood are the two North Lawndale College Prep campuses, which pride themselves on having Peace Warriors. Peace Warriors are a group of students that have weekly meetings about what has happened in school, whether it be peaceful, or violent, and find ways to make both schools a better place.

While the school works to maintain a peaceful environment, we wonder how does this help keep the outside environment safe? In October a man was shot and killed just outside the Christiana campus. To encourage community peace, the Warriors and NLCP staff are hosting a rally Dec. 18. We plan to cover the event and find out how the school is working with the community.

By Terranika Davis, Alexandria Johnson, Ronald Reese and Shaqueria Sandifer

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