Sound Off: Reaction To DCFS Article

Real Chi Youth reporters came across this article about how kids are dying under Chicago’s Department of Child and Family Services’ watch. The first thing that came to our minds was how could this be? When we think of DCFS our minds tells us that they are life savers. However, all these positive things got deleted from our minds. The article stated,  “Child abuse and neglect deaths went from 15 to 34 during that period. Another 34 children died in fiscal year 2012 — 15 by abuse and 19 by neglect.”

This shows a major increase in the lack of safety that the kids have. DCFS thus far has 2500 cases that are overdue, according to the article. It’s shameful to know that kids are dying under abuse and neglect. Kids are supposed to be saved not harmed. It’s like you are taking them out of a bad situation, and putting them into a worse one. It’s also sad that these thing are happening behind closed doors. How do you feel about DCFS not being held accountable for their actions?

By: Sidney Trotter, Isaac Summerville and Shaiqueria Sandifer

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