Meet Media Maker: Sidney Trotter

IMG_0361I’m the type of media maker that can take a little story and make it an issue that everyone has to talk about. Media that attracts me is the kind people can relate to. When it comes down to telling stories, I don’t want to be biased or stereotypical. I want to express what goes on in low-income neighborhoods—the hardships and the killings of teens. People won’t understand until they actually get to see it. My way of letting people get into our world is through my camera. Working African Americans are not all drug dealers, or teens who get pregnant at a young age.  We are strong kids that yearn for our voices to be heard. We want others to know that the places people call the “ghetto” it’s our place of peace.

By Sidney Trotter

4 responses to “Meet Media Maker: Sidney Trotter

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