Meet Media Maker: Arnelle Johnson

IMG_0127I’m the kind of media maker to speak from the mouth. I love to be heard and express my feelings through words. I tell stories from my heart that can be sad, truthful, hurtful and real. My stories will make you feel my pain and hurt that I have experienced. I hope to become a more outspoken person through Real Chi Youth, and to get better with media making as well as using cameras. My individual goals for life is to become a powerful lawyer. I’d like to also help the North Lawndale community and win the Noble Peace Prize. I care deeply about kids and the community. Hopefully, I can make a change in Chicago and speak out that all African American youth aren’t drug dealers, gang bangers, murderers, or pregnant teens. Every youth has a voice to speak their truth. Our youth should be heard by every person.

  By Arnelle Johnson

2 responses to “Meet Media Maker: Arnelle Johnson

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