Meet Media Maker: Terranika Davis

IMG_0079I am more of a writing media maker—I use my writing to tell stories and show creativity. I like to change things around me that are negative and make them into a positive. I consume a lot of social media and watch TV to find out about new things and what’s going on in the world. For Real Chi Youth, I hope to accomplish many things. I am looking forward to interviewing people and making a change. I have many individual goals: I am hoping to get better on my writing skills and develop my critical thinking. In addition, I hope to learn a lot and take what I learn and spread the words to other teens that would like to make a difference. I would like to work with Real Chi Youth to change the stereotypes against Chicago youth; showing that youth are accomplishing goals in life and we deserve more opportunities than the ones adult impose on us because we are the future.

By Terranika Davis

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