Gangs a Violent Influence on Youth Community?

More than 80 percent of homicides are gang related within Chicago according to CNN. For this story Real Chi Youth did an audio piece  on youth “gang-bangers” that were involved in gangs. Real Chi Youth interviewed one ex gang member and one active gang member. They will remain anonymous in this piece. In addition, Real Chi Youth spoke with youth coordinators Christan Bouffered and Mariteara Gomez about how youth gang violence is a deeper issue than how it appears;  due to the lack of resources, school cuts, and underemployment all colliding in some communities, some youths resort to gang activity and violence for ‘safety’.This topic is relevant today considering the high homicide rates in Chicago, there have been more than 200 homicides since 2012’s fourth of July weekend. Also gang-banging has been associated with mostly  youth according to the Chicago Tribune. This project will be an eye opener to our community about the real issue behind youth gangs and violence. It will also circulate ideas and solutions on resolving the tragic state of our youths.

By: Clemesha Grayer, Kumari Mason, Jeter Stokes, and Juan Toledo

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