My Real Chi Experience: Clemesha Grayer

I can not imagine having done anything more productive this summer then to have been apart of the Free Spirit Media: RealChiYouth Program. My experience was an eye opener to issues that I was unaware of, and also allowed me to become more familiar with the world of journalism and social media.

For future RealChiYouth reporters, I advise two things: come prepared with ways for changing and bettering Chicago as well as most importantly have fun! Also, the environment is not only oriented around having a great work ethic and diligence, but also being free spirited with all ideas and opinions!

Throughout the entire program there was always a hands-on approach along with minimum lecture time; which for me was the perfect balance. This program has not only equipped me for the necessary skills that I will need to my further studies in Media, but also has helped to communicate with others around me better. I honestly I will truly miss the people within the program especially the moments that were created in the process. Free Spirit Media: RealChiYouth has and will continue to do great things for Chicago, I have full faith!

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