My Real Chi Experience: Niecole Banks

The CIS program with Free Spirit Media was a summer to remember. This summer we did a story that was not only important to ourselves, but also to our family of fellow Chicagoans. During this program I got out of my confront zone and worked with software that I was not used to and conducted interviews. Also calling people/ non- profit organizations trying to get interviews set up was a new challenge. Although I wasn’t always successful with the first call, I got back on the phones to contact more and more people. The program was also a struggle at first. I started a week after everybody so it was very crazy trying to keep up. Sometimes in our small groups agreeing to the same idea was so hard just because we all had strong personalities and wanted everyone to go with what they thought was right at the time.

At the end we pulled it together and work really good as a team. I recommend this program for anyone that is trying to do something positive over the summer and is comfortable with stepping out of the norm for them.

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