Graffiti Institute Founder: Street Art is Youth Development

The National Museum of Mexican Art, located in the Pilsen Area, is opening  an exhibit on AUG.9 from 6pm-9pm entitled Outside In: The Mexican -American Street Art Movement in Chicago. Miguel Aguilar, founder of Graffiti Institute and History of Graffiti Instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), along with Ruben Aguirre, another accomplished Chicago street artist, created this exhibit at the Mexican Art Museum. RealChiYouth sat down with Miguel Aguilar, known as “Kane”, to discuss the value of street art for Chicago’s youth. Aguilar started exploring street art at 13, and was arrested in his later teen years for vandalism. Despite the city’s effort to criminalize graffiti and the $6.5 million spent in 2006 in graffiti removal programs, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Aguilar saw it as an opportunity for youth development.

“Time and again when I’ve been out painting mother’s will stop me and ask how their sons can get involved with what I’m doing to get keep off the streets and stay out of gangs,” Aguilar said.

By Clemesha Grayer, Kumari Mason, Jeter Stokes and Juan Toledo 

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