Story Pitch: Gangs a Violent Influence on Youth Community?

More than 80 percent of homicides are gang related within Chicago (CNN), for our story  we would like to do a profile on youth “gang-bangers” that are currently in a gang as well as interviewing  an ex gang banger who is currently a cook and trying to move in the right direction with his life. In addition to, we also plan to speak with  and an expert in youth gang violence. We want to explore the world of  youth gang banging; however, speak with youth who want to or have escaped this lifestyle. This topic is relevant today considering the high homicide rates in Chicago, there have been more than 200 homicides since the past 4th of July weekend also gang-banging has been associated with mostly  youth according to the Chicago Tribune.  We plan to carry out this project through audio and photos for purposes of the interviewees, to protect their identity if they choose not to be seen . We hope that this project will be an eye opener to other youth that choose to live the “gang-banging lifestyle”. ‘


Kumari Mason

Juan Toledo

Clemesha Grayer

Jeter stokes

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