Story Pitch: The Struggle of Receiving Education Gets Harder

Roswell B. Mason Elementary School (Legacy Charter School), located on 4217 W 18th St, is on the verge of closing down due to low income. Another school on the West Side of Chicago that is also facing an untimely closing is  Garfield Park Preparatory Academy ES located on 3250 W Monroe Street. Austin O Sexton Elementary School, located on 6020 S Langley Ave, is facing this same problem. We are hoping to interview the principal, students, and as well as the students’ parents. This story is relevant because the closings of these schools affect over 97% of the African American students in the corresponding communities. Our group will be using photo and audio, due to the fact that the audio will tell the story, and the photos will paint a story that connects with the audio.  This story is considered both a follow-up and profile.  The key statistics are 97% of African American students that attend these schools will be affected, which means they must be relocated or are being forced to drop out of school.  A prime data source that we will be utilizing is

By: Chelsea Berry, Ronald Reese, Joseph Hardnett, and Tim Smith

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