Story Pitch: The Chicago Struggle for Students

We are focusing on the effects of the recent school closing within the Chicago area. We want to orient our story around the youth as well as the adults who have to make tremendous changes for the school year this fall. This action has put many children’s future education on the line, and there will be a many obstacles to overcome. We want to talk to the principal at Jose De Diego, Mrs. Vera. She is currently receiving students from two schools: Von Humboldt and Dubrey. It’s relevant because this can cause many problems for the youth and the parents who struggle on a daily basis to get their students to school. CSOSOS (Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools), a student led organization, is a prime example of a cause coming to fruition because of the support of the community and  the support of their respective schools. Using audio and photographs would capture the essences of the stress of finding schools for the children and parents of Chicago. This will fall under the category of a follow up investigation; possibly, it can also start a new story on its own.

By: Dedrianna Williams, Hector Montalvo, Jaylon Jones, Niecole Banks

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