Story Pitch: “Street Art: Form Of Speech”

Street artists use art as a form of free speech and end up getting negative stigma as a result. We plan to profile Miguel Aguilar, also known as “Kane”, an expert in graffiti. We plan to explore the correlations between violence in neighborhoods and the rate of graffiti; however, we want to show that street art is a form of free speech. In a violent neighborhood, those who are not gang-banging, slinging drugs, or focusing in school can find a way out through art. Through the use of video and audio we will highlight the good in street art, and how the art is misconceived. In 2006, Chicago had budgeted 6.5 million for the purposes of graffiti removal. Why waist 6.5 million of removing art when that money could be used to fund art programs to prevent future vandalism?

By: Clemesha Grayer, Kumari Mason, Jeter Stokes, Juan Toledo

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