Story Pitch: Broken Homes

We all decided that the problem with our disturbed youth starts in their home. We plan on finding  a teenage male to interview and document where he comes from. This person we are looking for must contribute to what we refer to as a “contagion” to our society. This subject is more than relevant for apparent reasons such as the violence in our own communities. This is important because crime rates have risen and we want to see if these subjects from broken homes are contributing to this epidemic. We want to find the main problem and recognize it so that we are able to come up with a solution. We will create a photo story described by audio to produce our profile. Depending on our subject, our key statistics will either be on grandparents raising their grandchildren or children raised in single parent homes.

By: Nickole Thomas, Rakim Jackson, Selena Cuevas, and Ahmad Trimuel

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