Story Pitch: A Profile on LGBTQ homelessness

Overall this would be a profile piece, hopefully surrounding one person. We would like to be able to connect with a youth who is struggling or who has recently struggled with homelessness to showcase this difficult topic. This subject is relevant because 40% of homeless youth in Chicago (Huffpost) identifies as LGBTQ and it is an unsung song within mainstream media and the LGBTQ community. For this project we would use video with photography. We feel that in our group we are strong in video production and photography, and mixing these two mediums we can easily present information visually (such as statistics). We would contact organizations such as Project Fierce, Point Foundation, Calor, Vida/SIDA, and Street Youth R!se Up!. We picked these places because they help with homelessness within the queer community. Hopefully they would be able to get us in contact with people willing to talk to us and would be able to give us history/statistic/more people to talk to.

By :Evie Lacroix, Amanda Lopez-Martinez , Johnny Thrower, Calvin Mennyweathers 

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