Meet the Documaker: Chelsea Berry

ChelseaI am the type of media maker that likes to tell stories out of music, stories such as Suicidal thoughts, facing your fears and how young teens are being looked at. The stories that I also tell are family situations and maybe even relationship situations as well.  I truly hope to develop more skills on my music such as relying on more resources as where to look for information on youth in Chicago.  I will also hope to develop more relations with lots of youth in Chicago and listen to their stories based on how they feel their being treated, and how do they feel about certain situations in Chicago as well. There are a lot of stories that I will like to explore on Chicago, such as tee killing, teen pregnancy, and also teen bullying.  Last but not least, I will also like to explore things not dealing with youth such as Global climates in Chicago, and are jails sanitary like the police claim for them to be. I hope that I also work with adults as well, and interview them on how they feel about Chicago overall.

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